What is Etisalat Payment Gateway?

IPG (Etisalat Payment Gateway) is the only Payment Gateway in UAE offering electronic payment services especially in UAE and GCC countries. Etisalat Payment Gateway is a next generation payment platform which not only processes transaction but also provides peripheral services of customer and transactions management. Etisalat Payment Gateway connects merchants (sellers of products) in a secure way with banks and financial institutions to process their transactions online.

Etisalat Payment Gateway facilitates online payment using different payment methods e.g. Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Account, eDirham and eWallet using variety of channels e.g. Internet (web), IVR, Kiosk, Mobile etc. Etisalat Payment Gateway has been built around industry standards which enable integration with merchants and financial institutions quite easily. Etisalat Payment Gateway uses state of the art PKI technology to secure payers, merchants and banks from fraud.


  • Etisalat Payment Gateway facilitates its Merchants to accept payment from all popular card brands
  • Etisalat Payment Gateway Merchants can decide on payment gateway to allow accepting cards from a specific country or region like GCC countries or else (no need to go to the bank)
  • Secure communication channel using Digital Certificates (no passwords)
  • Fraud prevention

Please refer to IPG Manual for complete list of features.


Etisalat Payment Gateway provides the Developers with an ePayment Platform Integration tool, called Store Payment Interface - SPI. This will enable the merchants to integrate their website / store easily with the payment platform. The SPI is a product which sits on the Merchant Server and controls communication between the Etisalat Payment Gateway ePayment Platform and the Merchant Server.

Please refer to IPG Manual for detailed information on SPI versions, user guide and API documentation.

Please refer to FAQ Document for errors thrown by SPI.

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